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Minn A Narr Hmar

Sha Ta Ta Nayt Yet 1062 Plays

Kan Yay Tae Thu

01-Ah Tar Si Mae Lan Myar 220 Plays
02-Min Htar Khel 32 Plays
03-Kan Yay Dae Thu 17 Plays
04-Kalay Yel 33 Plays
05-Ma Chit Lite Net 19 Plays
06-Min Sate Net Ko Koe 14 Plays
07-Yuu Nay Lite 3 Plays
08-Min Nae Chit Tar 16 Plays
09-Min Ah Thi Sone Par 16 Plays
10-Lyo Wet Chat 7 Plays
11-Naut Kya Ah Chit 28 Plays
12-Ate Say (2) 11 Plays

Alex Nhint Thu Ei Thi Chinn Myarr

A Chit Thi Chinn Video 681 Plays

Lazy Club Thingyan

Thingyan Nya Nay 361 Plays
Thone Yet Hte 197 Plays

Master Love Songs

Ah The` Kwae Pone Pyin Video 408 Plays

Pho Cho A Mhat Ta Ya

Way Lwin Chin Yae` Nout Sone Chay Yar Video 432 Plays

Romanson LiveShow

Nga Chit Thu 282 Plays

Sate Ku Thet Thet Myar

Pyan Sone Chin 265 Plays

Sone Naing Khwint

Min Ne Chit Tar 298 Plays
Na Lone Thar Phyaunt Chat 313 Plays

Chit Thu A Narr

Sin Sar Par 623 Plays

This site shares our personal collection of Myanmar music we have gathered from the internet and purchased CDs.
All credits go to the original artists, respective owners and original uploaders where applicable.