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Hae` Lay

Daddy Hae Lay

Daddy Hae Lay 51 Plays
Ma Tarr Tot Bue 20 Plays
Shaye Haung Nhaung Phyit 2 Plays
Ta Yout Htal 8 Plays
A Thel Kwel Ya Mhar Kyout Tal 1 Plays
Baby Don't Cry 5 Plays
Kaung Ma Lay Yae Holiday 3 Plays
A Di Ka 3 Plays
Ka Lay Tha Chin 4 Plays
Same To You 2 Plays
Sway Tal 8 Plays
Yone Par Ka Lay 3 Plays

Kyi Nue Kwint

A Chit A Twet Ko Sar 839 Plays

War Yint Tha Bar Yint

Secretary 849 Plays
Dan Yar Mae' A Nar 520 Plays
Khit Kar La Thar Tha Mee Myar 350 Plays
Kho Narr Yar 453 Plays
War Yint Tha Bar Yint 235 Plays
Hnote Set Nya Lay 276 Plays
A Chit Win Ka Bar 262 Plays

A Mone Ma Shi Tae Kabar

Lwan Yae Mha 363 Plays

Master Love Songs

Bar Phyit Phyit Chit Tal Video 549 Plays

Master Thingyan 3

Monn Tal Monn Tal 833 Plays

Myat Si Mhate Pee Yone

Nha Lone Thar Ko Ah Yay Yu 302 Plays

Shwe FM 1st Anniversary

Ta Moe Aut Ta Yout Tel 467 Plays

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