J Maung Maung

Gita Thin Kay Tha 9

Ta Te Ya Pya Say

A War Yaung Lann Ka Lay

A Lwann Nya

Ah Chit Yay

Kya Naw Ma Kaung Buu
Nay Par Oo
Ah Chit Yay - 1
Ba Thut Kyaunt Lal
Thait Chit Lun Loet Lel
Yay Khe Tone Paw Ka Min Myat Hnar
The Deet Ya Nay Tae Tha Chin
Sar Myat Hnar Haung
Ah Chit Yay - 2
Kyee Hma Wet Thet Pauk Yin
Mandalay Hmar Sheet Nay Mal
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