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L Lunn Wah

Kyi Nue Kwint

L.M 1 Ka A Kyaung 302 Plays

Eain Met Wut Sone

A You Khan 457 Plays
Bae Tot Mha 180 Plays
Ta That Sar 161 Plays
Kyay Aye Pay Par Tot 140 Plays
Eain Met Ta Khu Phyit Par Say 148 Plays

A Chit Myet Wun

A Chit Myet Wun Video 339 Plays

10 Seconds Vol.1

Htat Ma Sone Naing Tae Bawa 280 Plays

A Lwan Yae` Nya 1

A Lwan Yae` Nya Video 228 Plays

A Mone Ma Shi Tae Kabar

Pae Kine 164 Plays

A Sone Met Mhyaw Lint Chet

Ka Lay Lo 133 Plays
Min Ko Pae Chit Tal Video 133 Plays
Mi Thar Su 86 Plays
A Phyu Thet Thet Video 128 Plays
A Chain Tine Min A Twat 93 Plays
Ma Sann Thaw Dialog 83 Plays
A Sone Met Mhyaw Lint Chet 99 Plays
Cinthi 70 Plays
Yin Mhar 76 Plays
Dar Par Pae 58 Plays
April Net Tha Mee 63 Plays

Angel 2

Hlyoe What Chit Video 180 Plays

Kyel Pone Pyin

Ya Nayt Htet Tine 108 Plays

Master Love Songs

Yin Kwae Kar Mha Video 127 Plays

Myat Si Mhate Pee Yone

Pyan Khae 132 Plays

Pan Pwint Myar Yet Yarzawin

Chit Tal Htin Tal 93 Plays
Min Ma Sheet Tae Nout 121 Plays

T-Home 1

ဆံုလိုက္တိုင္း Video 124 Plays

Shwe FM 1st Anniversary

Sa Kar Ma Sat 184 Plays

Yay Cho Pin Lal

Bar Bar Tu Par Part Par 146 Plays

This site shares our personal collection of Myanmar music we have gathered from the internet and purchased CDs.
All credits go to the original artists, respective owners and original uploaders where applicable.