Moet Moet

Myat Si Mhate Chit Nay Mae

Htarwara Video
Yin Lwe Sakar
A Thit Thaw Nae
A Chit Sone Loet
Khwel Loet Ma Phyit
Ma Thwar Net Away
Maung Net Kya Ma
Myat Si Mhate Chit Nay Mae
Phan Tee Ma Ya Dae Ah Chit
Sway (Bonus Track)
Tain Dwe Lo
Thay Char Thwar Yin

10 Seconds Vol.1

Ma Khuu Kyay

A Chit Myar Nae Kabar 4

Myet Wun A Date Pal

A Chit Shi Thaw Nae Sware Myar

Mile Paung Ga Day

Eain Met Lay Htae Mhar

Eain Met Lay Htae Mhar
Kyal Twe Kyway Nay Sal
Kyaung Thu Haung Yae Tha Chinn
Mhyaw Lint Thu
Nout Sone Thaw A Chit Twe Net
Phan Sinn Shin
Ta Yout Htae Nya
Thu Shi Yin
Yin Khone Khae Dar Hote Yet Lar
Ywar Dot Moe
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