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Nwe Yin Win

Hnit 40 Kha Yee..A Shi A Tine

A Thae Nu Tot Kyauk Tar Pot 671 Plays
Shwe Pin Lal 429 Plays
Bal Yee Sar Ko A Chit Sone Lae 208 Plays
Ma Nae Maung 361 Plays
A Sheet Ko A Sheet A Tine 207 Plays
Ya Nae Mha Sa Hnit Ta Yar Tine 133 Plays
Kya Ma A Chit Nan Pat Tit 123 Plays
Pa Soe Nae Tite Pone Wit Lar Par 148 Plays
Poe Sone Kyuu Lay 156 Plays
Me Me Lay Yae Mae Mae Kyaung 177 Plays
A Chit Pyan Lar Tot Mal 126 Plays
Eain Mat Met Tal 99 Plays

Ma Nae Maung

Mee Mee Lay Yet May Maye Kyaung 189 Plays
Ma Nae Maung 146 Plays
Pa Soe Nae Tait Pone Wut Lar Par 83 Plays
Bel Yee Sar Ko Ah Chit Sone Lel 63 Plays
Eain Met Met Tal 59 Plays
Japan Thoe Pay Sar 128 Plays
Ya Nae Mha Sa Hnit 100 Taing 203 Plays
Pa Hta Ma Lu Yet Du Ta Ya Myat Nhar 63 Plays
Ah Chit So Thi Mhar 193 Plays
Ma Net Pyan Kaw Chit Ohn Mar Lar 47 Plays
Pyat Twar Tet Kyoe Ga Lay 76 Plays
Lar Mel Kyar Mel 69 Plays

This site shares our personal collection of Myanmar music we have gathered from the internet and purchased CDs.
All credits go to the original artists, respective owners and original uploaders where applicable.