Shin Phone

Kyin Nar Thu Kann Mae Let

Doe ... Sate Pyong Yin
Kyin Nar Thu Kan Mae Lat
Yin Khone Than Lay
A Sone A Pyat
That Sone Tai Hti Chit Twar Mal
Ma Chit Pal Nae Ma Kyite Pal Nae
Nway Khone Tan Lay
A Chit = Mhar Lar
Ma Ngo Nae Tot
A Yin Ka Lo
Lat Ta Khan
Nin Nae Ngar
Hnin Tway Nae Nya
A Chit Sone Thoe

A Lo At Sone A Yar

Paing Sai Kwint Ma Shii Tot Yin
Telephone Lay

10 Seconds Vol.1

Pyan Lar Khwint Pay Htar Tae

A Lwan Yae` Nya 1

Tu Nyi Dae A Chit Video

Alpine Thingyan

OK Narr Htar

Master Love Songs

Ah Chit Oo Yae` Video

Pan Pwint Myar Yet Yarzawin

Pyaw Tha Lo Nay Par Kywe Video

Romanson LiveShow

Ta Gae Chit Tar Par

T-Home 1

ရႈပ္ရႈပ္ယွက္ယွက္ Video

T-Home 2

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