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Soe Lwin Lwin

Gita Thin Kay Tha 9

Tan Ta Yar Ah Sin Ah Sat Sat 857 Plays
San Da Yar Te Mel 352 Plays
Min Ma Shi Loe Ma Phit 694 Plays

Khun Arr Mhya Par

Khun Arr Mhya Par 386 Plays
Yar Za Win Pae 213 Plays
Done Yein Nya 195 Plays
Nay Naing Thu Lay 189 Plays

Kar Yan Thit

Tu Yel Gaung Doe Yel Nha Lone Thar 372 Plays
Maung` Myat Yay Wine 448 Plays
Yin Saing Sa Yar Swan Arr Ma Shi Tot Par 176 Plays
Te Hlyat Net 181 Plays
Nge Nge Doane Ka Htat Po Chit Mel 177 Plays
Nge Nge Doane Ka Htat Po Chit Mel Plays
Soe Sate Toe Tate Lwan Chain 291 Plays
Lar Mel So Kyo So Mhar Lar 258 Plays
Nge Thu Moe 360 Plays
Chit Thu Sate Kuu 165 Plays
Kyay Nat Tal 140 Plays
Ko Chit 180 Plays
A Lwan Su 205 Plays
Ko Chin Sar Nar Dat Khae Pi 330 Plays

This site shares our personal collection of Myanmar music we have gathered from the internet and purchased CDs.
All credits go to the original artists, respective owners and original uploaders where applicable.