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Wine Su Khine Thein

Myat Hlae

Myat Hlae 4079 Plays
A Chit Yet Nya Nay 15273 Plays
Sal Lal Than 3080 Plays
Pyan Lar Khae Par 1775 Plays
Main Ka Lay A Hla 2377 Plays
Chit Thu Ma Shi Tae A Chain 5441 Plays
Snow White 562 Plays
First Love 4149 Plays
Yote Soe Ma 654 Plays
Chit Oo Pone Pyin 1471 Plays
Cat 526 Plays
Hnote Sat Par Tal 825 Plays

Met Lout Sa Yar

Met Lout Sa Yar 1105 Plays
Kann Chay 644 Plays
Chit Nay Tot Lae 710 Plays
Pyan Tot Kwal 1089 Plays
Chit Khae Tar lar.. Yuu Khae Tar Lar 890 Plays
Lann Ma Gyi Yae Bay 1170 Plays
Ah Lwan Su Luck 916 Plays
Khu Shote Mha Naung Shin Plays
Chit Khae Buu lar..Phyay Par 775 Plays
Main Kalay Par 763 Plays
Yone Chin Tal 663 Plays

Super Film Stars Show Vol1

Thant Shin Tae A Chit 1061 Plays

Lann Sone

Ah Pyit Ma Myin 974 Plays

Myat Si Mhate Pee Yone

Ah Chit Ah Chit Tae Lar 725 Plays

Chit Thu A Narr

A Chit Net A Lwan 1932 Plays

This site shares our personal collection of Myanmar music we have gathered from the internet and purchased CDs.
All credits go to the original artists, respective owners and original uploaders where applicable.